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DIY – How to Make your Own Window Paint!

I am not a fan of compulsively buying Christmas decorations that will end up in the trash.  I like things that aren’t complicated and don’t take forever to do.  I love things that are practical and have several functions at the same time🙂. This is why I fell in love with a window paint recipe. […]

Hemp Oil, an Uncompromising Ecological Finish!

Hemp oil is a little-known wood finishing product on the market.  This oil has been used on wood for a few decades, but as it is made by small producers, few measures have been established to make it known and market it.  This is what has made it a marginal and unknown product. With the […]

How to Properly White Sand a Wood Floor

What does it mean to white sand a floor?  For those who work in the construction field or renovation, this question may seem obvious.  Did a question mark pop up in your mind and it was out of curiosity that you clicked on the link to this article? Or maybe you must accomplish this task […]